Week 43. 2017 news London

    • “We do not expect at this stage any new initiatives between now and the European Council,” said an EU official, who said May had asked to address the summit…see more


    • Average salaries across the wider economy grew 2.1% on last year in the three months to August, well behind inflation at a three-year high of 3%…see more


    • The recent announcement that the Government is to freeze tuition fees at £9,250 and lift the income level that triggers loan repayments to £25,000 is obviously helpful, but no-one should be under any false impression that graduates have suddenly had a heavy burden lifted from their shoulders…see more


    • So the average cost of a UK wedding is a rather large £27,161 – but what exactly does that include?…see more


    • The model, 25, made sure to catch the eye as she chose to forgo her make-up, instead flaunting her natural beauty and striking features…see more